Blockchain Real Estate

The Challenges of Blockchain-Based Real Estate

By hifi.bitcoin | HiFi Bitcoin | 10 Jun 2023

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Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that allows for secure and transparent ownership of digital money. However, blockchain, the underlying technology of Bitcoin, is not a cure-all for corruption or the protection of rights to other forms of property.

Real estate is one form of property that many people believe can be revolutionized by blockchain. The reality is that there are many reasons why blockchain-based real estate is unlikely to be successful. Here are a few examples:

Corrupt governments will not allow it. Corrupt governments have no incentive to allow their citizens to use a technology that could undermine their power. They will either ban blockchain-based real estate altogether, or they will control it so heavily that using it losing any benefit over traditional methods.


Receptive governments will over-regulate it. Even governments that are open to the idea of blockchain-based real estate are likely to regulate it heavily. This is because governments are naturally risk-averse, and they will want to protect themselves from any potential problems that could arise from the use of this new technology.

Any successful attempt will live in constant fear of reversal. Even if a government does allow blockchain-based real estate to operate, there is always the risk that the government could change its mind in the future and revoke its support. This would leave property owners in a precarious situation, as they would have no guarantee that their ownership rights would be protected.

Long story short, I believe that blockchain-based real estate is a pipe dream. It's simply not realistic in my opinion to expect that blockchain will be able to overcome the challenges of protecting real-world property from corrupt and over-regulatory governments.

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