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What is Publish0x? Guide to reading newspaper for free online with Publish0x

By Hiếu Nguyễn | hieunguyenquy | 30 Apr 2020

Today I Guide you to read newspapers make money online with Publish0x. It is not just an ordinary online newspaper, when reading newspapers and writing new articles. The stronger the community's response, the more coins you need to receive.

So what is the Publish0x question? Make money with the newspaper Publish0x like. I share to you in the following article.

Publish0x is an online newspaper, when users access and read newspapers or post shared articles, you receive the corresponding Token Coin.

Currently, Publish0x is deploying and focusing strongly on network newspapers specializing in Crypto. Support transactions for virtual currencies such as BTC, ETH ADA, ETC, BAT, ...

Commissions you receive on a scale of 0% - 80% of the corresponding value on each post of that person. And content publishers and publishers get a fixed 20% value on each post.

In addition, you can earn extra income by writing articles on Publish0x's website. You and your readers will both receive a bonus if the content is valuable and are shared by that person on another social networking site.

=> You receive a bonus of 20% - 80%

Create an account with Publishox

In this next section, I guide you through the steps to link accounts with Publishox. Based on this account, you can earn tokens and switch to a cold wallet to withdraw money to your bank.The specific steps are as follows:
First, click on the "Register Now" button below to open an account associated with Publishox.

In the main interface, select the ‘‘ Sign up ". There are 3 ways to register for an account, including:

+ Facebook

+ Twitter

+ Email
7c4d9aba96c210f7c00406fb1b4b33d0a412cf61684a653ed2a6a169f8bc562d.pngchoose how to sign up depending on what your friend will choose the email Click on the "Continue" button.

Here, you need to provide the following information to register and register for an account:

+ Email: Add the Email address you registered with Publishox.

+ Full name: Add your full name

+ Content: You can add some lines to introduce the content you want. This is not important you can ignore

Finally, click "Continue to the control panel" is done.

You return to the Email you have registered and associated with Publishox. Click on the "Verify email address" button.

Under each article, you can bid and get the corresponding Token Coin, usually you receive 0% -80% of the Token and the rest will belong to the author.

In addition, you can write articles to attract more people to interact, the more tokens you will get.


Get Affiliate Link with Publishox
Currently, the Referal program is offered by the Publish0x online newspaper for special privileges, during this period.

When referring new people, you are counted as completing the task and get 5% of the token coin that person earns. Once you have reached enough tokens, you can convert to ETH or USDT. How to get Affiliate Link as follows:

At the homepage, select "Affiliate Stats".

8b9c6f81ba82582fa1faee2bccd0312ec077c5046e78b8134be3557ac8f836dc.pngAs shown below, you have been able to get Affilaite Link from Publish0x successfully
66d6f62578aa5d6c7a88582d3b16de13b090b4a02a0fc946f8179e691360866b.pngThat marketing link earns extra income when your share is registered successfully

If you are interested and want to make money from this website, click the "Register Now" button below and join us.

I wish you success, thanks for reading the article. 

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