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guide and train pi coin for newbies

By Hiếu Nguyễn | hieunguyenquy | 29 Apr 2020

Download the Pi Network application

Pi Network currently supports both Android and iOS operating systems, you can access the Google Play app for Android or the App Store for iOS and search by keyword "Pi Network"

Here I need to say that for an application to access the AppStore app store on iOS is very difficult, fraudulent applications can easily register to be posted on Android's CHPlay store, but with AppStore is censorship strictly. The fact that Pi Network can access the AppStore store also shows that this app is quite reputable. You can verify the information you have said here.

Create an account and dig Pi

Registration instructions

Step 1: After downloading the application, you open the application to register for Pi Network account


In this step you can optionally register your account with Facebook or your phone number. However, you should choose a phone number to later easily authenticate Pi Network account.

Select the location where you currently live, enter your phone number and click Go.

51e63269a852ab7bd141c0e1d663649fead42513b69cc449c5ca7ef8c1ff4175.pngThen you enter the password and confirm the password. Note that the password must have uppercase characters, special characters like! @ # $% Or your number. Finished, click          

    SubmitThen enter the First Name and Last Name.

Finally, the Username (this is the name for me to log into the Pi Network application, don't forget this). After completing the information, click Submit to move to the final step.

In this last step, you enter the introductory code as "nguyenhieuquy" (this is my code). However, you can enter anyone's referral code. But when entering my code, I am very thankful and if there is any problem that needs support I will be very enthusiastic.

1bc68fbd244b638eb960203ba2924925f0320bd0d332bb6c80df9f3ba3f333e5.pngSo you have completed the Pi Network registration, now you just leave it to receive coins daily, or go referrals to others to earn more Pi.But to earn faster, invite more friends with dig.

Guide to dig Pi

Click Get Started and click on the lightning image to start digging PI.

6a7846527473a9a780cd6748683d34990e2358bce06a87ad88b1d036542da31b.pngThe amount of Pi you mine per hour is shown in the Ambassador section. If your lower members mine Pi, you will receive (25% x 0.20pi x the number of people). However, if they are not online for more than 1 day, you will not receive Pi from them, so you press Ping Inactive to push them to notify the application access.



Add people to the security circle

After 3 days of digging Pi, you will open a security circle, what it is, please read the above article, here you can add acquaintances to dig more Pi together.


Verify Pi Network account

You need to verify your account so that stage 4 of the project can be withdrawn. To verify Pi Network, access Profile and select Verify as shown:

There are two options for verifying your account: getting a verification code (only applicable to the US and Canada) or sending a message to Pi Network. You will have to use option 2 and press Start.


2ca1e12f9225d1139ae63a2ea82aa77c48d33a78b8e0d0bb5703e06bef4b49a2.pngThen click Open SMS to let Pi Network compose a message to send a 4-digit code.

0657faf96c7c4c4bc6cf60bf652398183bd36376475a23e3f8f70ed660870fdf.pngNote that Pi will generate 4-digit code itself, you do not edit anything and just click Submit.


If the Pi application verifies that you have successfully verified your account.

d069c9a2f525e579a15391dbcf2983ff5ea84dee424e32b74b59195eb8db3115.pngNote that sending a message to overseas will take 1 money, about 1 $ only.

Good luck.Thanks for reading the post

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