HEX - stake for 5 years and double your shares

By Zde | Hex / PulseChain | 1 Sep 2021

Staking your HEX gets you more HEX. You promise for X amount of time to lock away your shares, on the basis that at the end of your stake you will receive interest, thus benefiting yourself and all the other people holding HEX.

Let's look at today's numbers, imagining we have just bought 10000 HEX (current cost 10000 * 0.255 = $2550)

If we then Stake that 10000 HEX for approx 5 years, that is going to earn us 1.077 T-shares (today!), and when our Stake ends we should re-mint 20000 HEX, thus doubling our original investment.


That is 2000 free HEX per year, with no extra ETH GAS FEES.

Of course, this comes at a price - you can't touch your original investment for 1821 days (unless you pay penalties), but I like that concept.  It removes the stress of trading, trying to time the market, trying to buy the dips and sell at the highs.


Not only this, but when PulseChain goes live, your HEX stakes are going to be COPIED (yes, DUPLICATED!) onto the Pulse blockchain.  So if you get in before the hardfork, you'll have 40000 HEX in 5 years across the Ethereum and Pulse blockchains.  MEGA!


Nobody can ever guarantee what the price of any shares will be in 5 years, so none of this is financial advice, but I can guarantee that this is how the HEX model works, and its bloody clever.


Enjoy x


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Hex / PulseChain
Hex / PulseChain

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