Transhumans and the Earth Gods

Transhumans and the Earth Gods

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Hello. Did you realize that the Earth is being prepared

to become the home of transhumans?

By the way, do you know what it's like to be transhuman?

You’ve probably heard about technologies

robotics and artificial intelligence, right?

Now, stop and reflect:

Imagine the possibility of replacing your flesh and blood body

on the other hand made of metals and not metals.

Imagine transferring only your brain

to the body of a humanoid robot.

Are you following the reasoning?

So, imagine now transferring only the data recorded in your brain

for something like a chip installed on a cyber body platform.

Imagine this chip with its data connected to the world wide web

available to serve you with all the knowledge

already accumulated by humans on earth.

Would you be willing to get rid of this body and brain that is occupying

and deploy your data to a humanoid robot?

When this is possible, humans will reach eternity.

The question is: Who will be behind the scenes allowing you all this technology?

Was it a kind of new god created by some brilliant humans?

After all, the composition of this small group of brilliant humans

then it would be considered that God that we invoke so much

but have we never realized this?

Join and participate with me in this storm of ideas ...

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A big hug and better days!



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