Robot Surgeon Da Vinci - Application of nano-robotics

Robot Surgeon Da Vinci - Application of nano-robotics

Watch the 5-minute video via Robot Surgeon Da Vinci - Application of nano-robotics


Have you heard of Da Vinci, the robot surgeon who is invading hospital operating rooms?

The ability of this robotic system to handle surgical instruments brings peace of mind to human surgeons with the application of nano-robotics.

Able to do cell repair or implant drugs in any organ within the human body.

For a long time, machines have followed human beings performing functions that facilitate our development in the most varied fields of activities.

By citing some advantages that machines provide human beings we could highlight its agility, precision, control, safety and comfort.

I'm definitely not talking about Leonardo da Vinci popularly recognized as a painter from Monalisa.

See the case of the creation of the robot surgeon or da Vinci Surgical System

its official name developed at the former Stanford Research Institute under contract with the United States Army

in the late 1980s was intended to perform surgical interventions on wounded soldiers

that they were outside the United States fighting thousands of kilometers away.


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