BOOM BABY! METAFEST is Finally Here!
Meta Game

BOOM BABY! METAFEST is Finally Here!

By Jzjallday | Here's the Skinny | 7 Mar 2021

Come join us for Metafest and see what MetaGame is all about! Fall down the rabbit hole of possibilities, become a player and help develop/shape this amazing community. If you like the idea but don't think you are able to participate as a player, simply become a patron. Its easy! For more details about both, check out the links below or hit me up on Discord Jzjallday#0761 if you have any questions! Stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing a deep dive into all that is MetaGame very soon!


MetaGame is an attempt in pulling together pieces of the Web3 puzzle and composing the bigger picture - a killer ecosystem for building status-quo-disrupting technologies & making heroes out of open-source contributors.


MetaFest March 7th-April 4th


Join MetaFest and Metagame!


In the long term, the plan is to build a new world, a layer above the nation states & physical barriers. A model for what socioeconomic systems might look like for a world after crypto, where "doing good" is the main goal.


Check out this beautiful visual introduction to MetaGame



Patron or Player?


Let me know what you think and if you joined the team or not!


Avid Crypto Trader looking to inspire and bring out the shiny shine in everyone.

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