Her Evening Chair

By indiscreet pete | Meditative Writing | 26 Dec 2021


    Melissa closes her eyes as she settles back into her evening chair. She feels her belly full, and the satisfaction of another day accomplished. She takes a few very deep breaths and lets herself just relax… 


    As her energy settles, she sees the confluence of dim colors behind her eyelids. She hears the subtlest sounds all around the yard. Another deep breath slowly in, and then out. In the background the faint hum of traffic resounds like a distant ocean of engines and tires ebbing and flowing as the masses file away from another grinding day in the city. A faint breeze blows across the fine hairs on the back of her neck lightly tickling the very nerves that collect an unfathomable compilation of stimulus throughout the day. In her hands she feels the smooth wooden arms of her favorite rocking chair. Her feet rest on the dusty planks of her raw sawn wooden front porch floor. Her bottom presses into the seat, and she rests her head on the back of the chair. She takes another deep breath in. While at the top of her lungs she sips one last little bit of air before exhaling with a vibrant groan that gradually subsides into a faint hum. All stressors fall away. She pauses momentarily at the bottom of her breath before allowing her diaphragm to once again resume its regular movement. She smells the sweet smell of decaying leaves mixed with a refreshing hint of the peppermint that has taken over her garden just over the waist-high, gray picket fence only a few feet away. With the residual taste of garlic and delicious char, her mouth brings to mind the recent memory of a medium rare New York Strip and creamy mashed potatoes that she prepared so perfectly for dinner earlier that evening.


    Melissa moves her attention between her senses trying to merge them by holding two in her awareness at once. Taste of garlic and touch of the wooden chair arms. The back of her head on her chair and the smell of fall leaves. The smell of peppermint and the sound of distant motorists. The sound of the subtle breeze and a vision of dim converging colors projected onto the backs of her eyelids. The tiniest smile cracks in the left corner of her soft lips as all five of her senses begin to meld together. Feeling thankful that all of these faculties not only still work, but seem to be more vibrant as her life continues to discovers this human experience, she allows her attention to accept the amalgamation of stimulus from all five senses. Her awareness slowly expands bringing each stimulus closer to the next until all five senses merge into one experience. The stillness of her being is strong and steady. She is centered in her consciousness. She feels the flow of energy through her body as a significant calmness descends upon her. She has opened up a safe space for herself without fear of judgment, regret from the past, or anxiety about the future. Her entire being is unwaveringly focused solely only on this moment. She continues to breath with the certainty of knowing the spirits have come to play. She knows that these daily moments of stillness and awareness conjure an ever increasing divine subtlety that would otherwise be unrecognizable to her consciousness. Unlike so many people who succumb to the distractions that arise out of undisciplined boredom, Melissa has discovered a yearning for these moments. She has developed an appetite for the opportunity to allow awareness to take hold of the smallest details of life and travel attentively to infinite depths in search of a connection to her higher self.


    As her mind grows still with awareness, the solidity of her being is impeccable. The steady beat of her heart rapturously thumps in her chest. Her body pulses as her senses slip once more into a deeper awareness of her external being. Her mind is at bay allowing her awareness to expand to the extent of the infinite. Internally she feels pressure from the blood that flows through her veins. She becomes aware of the life force emanating from her core. The pounding of her heart subsides and disguises itself in harmony with the radiance of her vibrant energy. She witnesses the unmistakable feeling of floating. No longer does she feel the chair arms under her hands or the porch floor beneath her feet. No longer does she smell the leaves or hear the hum of distant cars. No longer does her mouth recognize the lingering taste of food. But her sight, on the contrary, has transformed into something remarkable. Not only are the colors becoming brighter, they have a distinct feeling of texture to each of them. As they mix together, the relative sensations morph into hybrids of one another. Each color has a tone that can be heard, and a smell more potent than anything smelled by the corporeal nose. Each wave of color is no longer color at all, but brilliant radiant light. Melissa reaches out farther than she ever could before, chasing the brilliance that dances through her being. This is not something external or separate from who or what she is. This experience exists at the core of her being, yet expands to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. She dances with the experience for as long as her endurance will support her…


    The few moments that this experience prevailed have transcended any value of time, but just like the rhythm of the day, the brilliance of this experience has reached it’s climax and naturally must begin to fade. Melissa begins to feel again the encapsulation of her body. The invigorating intensity is quelled by her serenity and piece of mind. The stability of being remains as her awareness of those radiant life forces fade, the pounding of her heart subsiding. Her mind steps in and unbraids the convergence of her five external senses. She hears the cars again, and smells the refreshing peppermint. She feels her feet on the ground and sees, once again, only the darkness of the backs of her eyelids. She is calm, she is collected, she is even. Melissa opens her eyes and settles back into her evening chair.

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indiscreet pete
indiscreet pete

I'm great at describing anything but myself. :)

Meditative Writing
Meditative Writing

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