Microsoft is interested in cryptocurrencies!

Microsoft is interested in cryptocurrencies!

According to the information I just updated, the big boss of the Windows operating system In recent years, Microsoft has shown great interest in the field of cryptocurrencies. But Microsoft's latest development idea will likely cause many cryptocurrency supporters and many to be concerned.
The world's leading computer and software company recently revealed a new technology patent application. This technology was created to monitor functions in the human body, such as brain activity to mine digital currencies.

  • So how does it work? Will this product go into someone's brain and mine cryptocurrency through the use of neurons? All of the aforementioned theories are completely false, this new application seems to read the human brain waves and then mine virtual currencies based on that person's reaction and mental activity. dangerous.
    Microsoft has proposed a method to create cryptocurrency by monitoring people's brain activity and other personal biometric data.

A new patent called "Electronic money system uses body activity data" describes how a person can attach various sensors to the body to earn cryptocurrency through a process called is mining.

Mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin often involves devoting large amounts of computing power to solving complex math problems.

  • In the new patent application, Microsoft explained:
    "Instead of the massive computational work required by some conventional cryptocurrency systems, the data generated based on a user's physical activity may be proof of work, and therefore, the user can unconsciously solve difficult problems. "

The mining system will involve connecting a device with various sensors on the body to detect the user's activity needed to create cryptocurrencies.

  • “Brainwaves or body temperature emitted by users of this technology will perform the task of providing information services, like viewing advertisements or using some internet services, which may be used in the process. Virtual currency mining program. And instead of processing large amounts of computational work required by the cryptocurrency system, data generated based on the user's body activity will be proof of work (POW), which means that users are solving computational problems unconsciously ”

Although this is an interesting piece of information when the human body is basically viewed as ANTminer (a cryptocurrency mining device) through some extraordinary technology, it is also extremely scary when but this experimental idea of ​​Microsoft uses people as an object to mine cryptocurrencies, and it is very revealing user information in my opinion.

This patent also discusses more about the use of body fluids and visceral activity to track exploitation activities. Basically it sounds like a new way of mining cryptocurrencies, but not a mechanical device, but a human mind.
Until now, Microsoft patent is pending and has not been issued by the authority.

This patent shows that just reading the ad or other basic online activities is enough to get things right, but how the technology can know that people are reading the ad. ? We can just open the ad on it, but we don't actually read it.
and do we have to buy a device to let the radiation come into contact with us?

  • Therefore, there are many shortcomings that this technology needs to be resolved before it is officially launched.
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