D day -2: reminder of the procedures for staking your $FRM
D day -2: reminder of the procedures for staking your $FRM

By henryba | henryba | 11 Feb 2020


good morning, everyone,
In 2 days (13 February at 15:00 UTC) the Ferrum Network staking pools will open their doors for a limited time (7 days) or until they are filled if it takes less than 7 days.

The purpose of this post is to teach or remind you how to place your FRM tokens into Smart Contracts in order to stake them.



1.with Metamask:

-Download and install MetaMask 

-Add FRM to your MetaMask. (contract: 0xe5caef4af8780e59df925470b050fb23c43ca68c/decimal = 6)

-Deposit minimum 2500 FRM into your account (think about holding some ETH for gas fees)

-Go to our staking website 

-Select the staking pool (rhodium, promethium, palladium or titanium) and press "stake"

-authorize Metamask to connect to the smart contract

-press stake again, it will take you to a new page in 5 steps, don't forget to read the conditions.


-input the amount of FRM you wish to stake 

-confirm amount is correct and approve the allocation 

-Allow MetaMask to spend your FRM and press “confirm” 

-confirm your staking transaction is accurate and press “submit” 


-Confirm your transaction in MetaMask

-wait until transaction goes through, and after a few seconds your stake should be confirmed! 


video guide to staking with Metamask


2. with Trust Wallet:

for "FRM stake and earn", it will be possible to use other means than Metamask to access smart contracts, here you will find the link of the video explaining how to stake using Trust Wallet.


3.if staking your FRM tokens directly scares you, you can also use the services of Honest Mining.
you can register on their website here.


if certain things are still unclear, feel free to ask me your questions.
thank you for reading me!




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