HALO Network Partners With Haglien To Explore Web3 – What It Means For The Network

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 13 Mar 2022

HALO Network has recently announced a partnership with Haglien, a KONAMI-backed entity that’s taking GameFi to a different dimension. This collaboration is expected to favor both parties as HALO Network bolsters its metaverse efforts. What does this partnership mean for HALO Network and Haglien? We will find out soon enough. 

What Is Haglien?

Before we dig into the partnership between HALO Network and Haglien, we believe some insight on the latter is necessary. 

Anyone who has ever played Contra, Winning Eleven, and Metal Gear Solid knows how exciting those games were. Interestingly, those titles are from the stable of Konami, which says a lot about the Haglien project.

Haglien is a GameFi franchise built on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) by the renowned traditional game development team at Konami. The Japanese Entertainment Company is stepping into the world of GameFi and Haglien is its poster boy. 

Prided as the first actual GameFi project on the BSC that’s built by a traditional game development outfit, Haglien comes with clout. This is something new generation blockchains like HALO Network need in its push for a truly exciting metaverse.

Why HALO Network Is Partnering With Haglien?

HALO Network plans on making the metaverse an exciting virtual environment for users – and GameFi is right in the mix of this arrangement. Though HALO Network’s support for Cosmic (a blockchain-based play-to-earn game) started something, Haglien could be the ace the blockchain needs to stamp its position as far as the metaverse is concerned. 

HALO Network has been exploring ways to improve its web3 offering. The blockchain has partnered with several top players in the niche, but its web3 foundation hasn’t been at the desired level.  

This partnership with Haglien is expected to change all that as it ushers in the new dawn for HALO Network, especially as it concerns its place in Web3. 

Any project that’s currently operational on another blockchain is often the preferred choice to a greenhorn – and Haglien brings both experience and capacity. The Konami team is such a big boost for HALO Network. It’s more than the bragging right as Haglien could be allure that the blockchain needs to pull the web3 crowd. 

What This Collaboration Means For Both Parties

Having a GameFi project like Haglien will bring some traction to HALO Network. Though the public chain’s traffic has been on the rise ever since the launch of Cosmic and the announcement of other collaborations, this partnership will improve those numbers. 

The Konami-backed Haglien is bound to attract more players – many gamers still hold Konami in high esteem. It’s something HALO Network will be expected to take advantage of. 

We can’t ignore the web3 development needs of HALO Network. This is one area where this partnership should help out. Despite the progress of the blockchain in navigating the web3 space, there’s a lot of room for improvement. And who could do it better than a Konami team with experience in GameFi? Haglien will be bringing support for HALO Network’s metaverse to the table. That’s something users will be enthusiastic about. It’s not every day that you see a metaverse project that has the touch of a traditional game development team. 

It’s not just HALO Network that stands to gain from this collaboration; Haglien will get a boost in transaction flow thanks to the blockchain. This is quite key for any project, so it’s certainly favorable for Haglien. 

Also, there is liquidity support for the project. HALO Network will be providing Haglien with a liquidity pool on HOSWAP, which benefits the project’s growth in the long run. The blockchain will also provide the Haglien ecosystem with relevant resources to thrive on the public chain. An experienced and capable team is not enough to keep a project running on the blockchain; resources are needed as well. However, Haglien won’t have to worry about that as HALO Network has it covered.

Is This Partnership What HALO Network Needs?

From the perspective of the blockchain, this collaboration is crucial towards strengthening its web3 framework. Having Haglien on HALO Network strengthens the position of the public chain in the web3 space. An experienced Konami-backed team is certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

The growth of HALO Network has been impressive. Yet, the blockchain is still not at par with some of the popular public chains. This can change if the network has an edge in the growing web3 space. A partnership with Haglien, a decentralized GameFi outfit, can be all that HALO Network needs to get the attention it deserves. 

We can’t outrightly say this partnership is what HALO Network needs, but it’s an important collaboration that can turn the tide for the blockchain. Haglien has the capacity to get the metaverse on this public chain to the next level. 


HALO Network’s latest partnership with Haglien is an interesting one. Haglien has a traditional game development team, which is something lacking in most of the competition. It gives the project an edge – and HALO Network hopes to leverage that edge. 

The blockchain stands to gain a lot from this collaboration, especially in line with its web3 plans. Both parties are certainly better off in this partnership.  

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