HALO Network November Development Recap

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 30 Nov 2022

While the crypto space remains traumatized by the FTX contagion in November, the HALO Network team stayed focused on building an ecosystem that meets the expectations of users. If you’re looking for a recap of November development milestones for HALO Network, this piece should help. Let’s get to it. 

Node Update And Upgrade On HALO Chain

In November, the HALO Network nodes got upgraded. This latest change to the self-built auxillary nodes will bring forth some improvements to the ease of operations, especially as it concerns user applications on the public chain. Node upgrades such as this one are relatively commonplace due to their impact on the growth of the network. Users will experience faster transactions in the coming days. 


This update to the HALO Network nodes lasted a few days, resulting in the disruption of normal operations on the chain. So if you experienced any outage within the HALO ecosystem at that time, it’s probably due to this node upgrade. 

Production Weights Keep Rolling On W3SWAP

HALO Network production weights for November on W3SWAP super farms have been made public. HO/OSK-DAO, a PG mining pool has a production weight of 7X, and the HD mining pool for HO/OSK-DAO is 700X, which is significantly higher. The W3 mining pool for HO/OSK-DAO is 61X. 


The HALO Network super farms on W3SWAP have continued to churn out rewards regularly. With the stunning APRs on these super farms, it’s no surprise the lot of attention these farms are getting. 

HO Liquidity On W3SWAP Continues To Rise

November came with an incredible increase in HO and HOS liquidity on W3SWAP. This might not surprise many considering the massive APR on offer for these different HALO Network ecosystem pools on W3SWAP.


As the production weights grow on the platform, HO and HOS liquidity will only get higher. 

Expectations For December

While November hasn’t been as fast-paced as the previous months, users have a lot to expect for December. For one, it’s the month that draws the curtain close on 2022. We should see some more partnerships come to the limelight. It’s an open secret that the HALO Network needs to partner with as many parties as possible, and they have done tremendously well in that aspect. Interestingly, more partnerships are currently in the pipeline, so users can anticipate when the details are made public. 

Are more dapps coming? Lots of users desire more dapps built into the HALO Network ecosystem and that’s certainly in the works considering the immense development that’s evident within the public chain. The recently announced hackathon is going to lead to the introduction of some interesting dapps on HALO Network. 


Though the HALO Network team has continued to build deep into the crypto winter, November hasn’t been that forthcoming with mouthwatering news. Perhaps the bright sparks in this month are the super farms on W3SWAP, which have become popular among users hunting for exciting APRs. Hopefully, December’s recap will have lots of teasers of what’s to come in the new year.

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