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Action World Launches On HALO Network

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 12 Nov 2021

Action World, a DeFi launchpad is coming to HALO Network, offering a funding conduit for new, exciting projects. The incubator project will usher in more blockchain-based platforms with massive potential for growth. 

While there might be several launchpads out there, Action World will be different in so many ways. 

Action World Purpose

With the perks of blockchain technology in the spotlight, more projects are embracing the digital ledger. Both existing and new entities are entering the scene. Yet, funding and user adoption remain a challenge for most. Action World is providing these projects with access to seed capital from interested investors. 

The protocol hopes to be the launchpad of HALO Network. As blockchain’s popularity continues to increase, many projects seeking users and seed funding arise. Action World will be the springboard for the best and most profitable of the lot.  

How Action World Is Reinventing Launchpad 

Action World will provide the platform for new projects to access funding and early users – two of the most important things for any blockchain-based project. The incubator platform intends to achieve this through thorough due diligence and transparency.

Potential candidates for the incubator platform will have their codes scrutinized, ensuring the smart contract isn’t dubious. With the cloak of anonymity enjoyed by parties in the crypto space, such a meticulous approach is necessary to avoid the perpetuation of criminal activities. 

A blockchain project’s tokenomics is an area of interest for most investors; the interplay of assets makes it so. Action World will pay close attention to tokenomics, ensuring investors do not get misled. 

Through Action World, investors can navigate the deep waters of IDOs without breaking a sweat. Notorious issues like absurd thresholds and outrageous claims are kept in check. Investors will no longer enter an IDO program with trepidation. Action World offers a way around these obstacles for investors through its low-threshold and transparent incubator solution. 

Action World leverages HALO Network’s DeFi application layer to deliver a protocol that embodies the attributes of a truly decentralized exchange – decentralized, transparent, and secure. With private and public sales as parts of Action World’s services, it’s only right the protocol has an efficient decentralized exchange for the job. 

The protocol applies the decentralization tenets of blockchain to the latter. The protocol achieves this feat through smart contracts, allowing participants to call the shots. 

In classic crypto project style, Action World has its native token, AW. This will be the currency of the launchpad. Investors looking to participate in IDOs conducted on Action World will need AW tokens. 

Is Action World A Multichain Platform?

At the moment, Action World is launching on HALO Network. As the protocol develops, expansion to other chains will take shape. 

The decision to launch on HALO Network is based on that blockchain’s inherent DeFi layer. Other networks struggle to provide the enabling environment for these disruptive entities to thrive. HALO Network has everything a DeFi launchpad needs to succeed. From the decentralized HALO Oracle to the network’s financial products – HALO stables and HALO Lending – the blockchain remains the best choice for DeFi protocols. 

Action World is the launchpad of HALO Network, but the dApp is open to servicing other chains soon. This will help projects looking to launch on other chains without depriving them of the support they need.

The Choice Of Southeast Asia

For a launchpad that brings a lot to the table, Action World has the entire world as its oyster thanks in part to the internet. So it’s surprising to see the Launchpad limiting its searchlight to Southeast Asia. 

Existing launchpads hope to connect projects with investors without limiting the location for either party. Action World is doing things a bit differently by limiting supported projects to Southeast Asia. 

While an observer might not understand the choice of Southeast Asia, Action World hopes to connect projects in this part of the world with funding from anywhere else. It’s a given that Southeast Asia is home to some of the most inspiring projects, and Action World will put them in the spotlight for the world to see. 

How Does The AW-IDO Token Works?

Action World requires interested investors to purchase AW-IDO tokens while holding HO, HALO Network’s token. Your purchased AW-IDO tokens are vested for 10 weeks. 10% of your AW-IDO holding gets converted into AW every week. It’s an anti-dump approach that protects all AW investors while ensuring the smooth running of the project incubator. 

At the end of the vesting period, investors will have the full amount of AW purchased. This will provide investors with access to new, lucrative projects launching on Action World. 


The launch of Action World on HALO Network will be the turning point for the emergence of new blockchain-based DeFi projects. With the protocol’s level of preparedness, investors can expect the launchpad to deliver projects that will survive the crypto winter while being extremely profitable in the interim.

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