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By Hetty-Rowan | Hello Publish0x ... | 23 Aug 2020

I have had an account here for a long time, but I have never posted a blog myself. I am an active blogger on the Hive blockchain but always thought my content didn't fit that well on Publish0x. Why? Because I often see 'higher level' blogs here, and I was afraid that my content wouldn't be appreciated here. And it doesn't feel good if you take the time to write a blog ... which then is then not appreciated by anyone. The 'fear' of that meant that I never dared to post a blog here. Only the other side of the story is of course, "If you never try, you will never know". So today I thought it was time to get out of my safe corner and introduce myself to the Publish0x community.

Let's go!

Because who is @hetty-rowan actually? As may be obvious, Hetty is my first name but Rowan is not my last name. Rowan was my first dog of my own, the dog who meant everything to me and gave me back my love for life. Because of him I came out of the deepest depression of my life and came back to life. He also ensured that my dormant passion for photography revived again.


For 11 years he has been my great support and friend.

11 years he has given me unconditional loyalty and 11 years I have been able to enjoy his presence in my life. Unfortunately Rowan was diagnosed with anal gland cancer last August and I had to make the decision to put him to sleep in December. He couldn't win the fight anymore and I really wanted to avoid him suffering for me. We've been together as long as possible and now I'm going on without Rowan. However, he will always be with me. He is anchored in my heart and will never disappear there.


Photography & Dogs.

Which immediately highlighted a few passions of mine. Dogs and photography. These are two topics that I usually blog about.


Researching & discovering the different crypto coins. 

Recently, however, due to a goal that I set myself, I also started to seriously research all crypto currency coins, and I started writing blogs about that too. Which has caused me to look at things differently myself.

I have been wandering around on all blockchains for about 2.5 years now, and actually I had never really studied what crypto currency is, what the differences are between the coins. In short, I blogged, earned crypto with it and liked it ... But really understood what it is and how it works? It really didn't interest me that much. That has now changed and I find my crypto journey is becoming increasingly interesting. So blogs can be found about that too.


Started with practising 'Digital Art'. 

Then there is something else that I recently started with. From the crypto that I managed to earn with my blogs in the past, I bought a display tablet for my PC and with that a long-cherished wish had finally come true to practice myself in digital art. And with the help of the Krita program I am concentrating on the digital painting arts. Wonderful to be busy with that and to be able to expand your mind. In addition to my dogs and photography, it now also takes a lot of time. And I enjoy it every second ...


3 Dogs! 

Dogs? But Rowan doesn't live anymore, right? Yes that's right… but besides Rowan I had two other dogs. Myla and Lana. And since February a young German Shepherd has also joined. Skipper. I have three dogs again and you can imagine that a lot of hours are lost every day. A very conscious choice by the way and I could not imagine a life without dogs.

Skipper, Myla & Lana

The most important thing about me has been told. A photographer, who loves dogs, tries to learn digital art and also likes to write about the things she experiences with the dogs, gives tips about photography and is only recently really fully discovering the crypto world after 2.5 years.



If it seems interesting to you, be sure to follow me. I will do my best not to disappoint you.

Thank you for reading this introduction and until the next blog.


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Photographer, Blogger, Dogs- & Cryptolover

Hello Publish0x ...
Hello Publish0x ...

A new blockchain to explore is always a nice thing. But it also means new people ... People who don't know me and don't know about my passions in life. And the passions in my life are the things I mostly blog about.

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