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Hello again and welcome to this here eleventh rendition of the Helios Report! We’ve had a relatively quiet week if you consider that trading has GONE LIVE ON A CMC TOP-100 EXCHANGE a slow week!!! Woah, sorry about that. Sometimes the excitement bleeds through! Anyway, we also had another Town Hall Meeting Q&A and continued with the testing on the Testnet! Got your tickets? The Helios Report is leaving the station…

What’s What in the Heliosphere

That’s right, you heard us correctly! We’re now trading live on ALTERDICE!!! Alterdice is ranked #76 on CoinMarketCap for exchanges by trading volume at the time of this writing. $HLS is paired with BTC and ETH. This marks the third exchange where $HLS can be traded. Happy buying 😁

WooooHooooo!!! The very first DAPPNATION review is here! It was a joy to be able to be the first to review the new patch for the great Forgotten Artifacts! This is one you will want to check out. Read more below in the DAPPNATION section!!!

This past Tuesday we held the third Helios Protocol Town Hall Meeting Q & A. It was a smashing success as usual! We had a fantastic turnout and tons of community questions were answered!!! After a short break for the holidays, we will resume the Town Hall Meetings in January. See you all then!!!

As usual, we have spent a significant amount of time working on the testing of the Smart Contracts. We’re so excited the progress had been going so well and we can’t wait to release them to Mainnet!!!

Bounty Hunter of the Week: @azisjesika

Once again we congratulate @azisjesika for being the Bounty Hunter of the Week!!! You will be receiving a 50% bonus on the winning submission. This week’s entry was another killer Helios Protocol video which can be viewed here. Thank you @azisjesika and everyone who submitted bounties this week. Keep up the great work!!!

Meme of the Week

Thank you, @lordblackpuma!!


The Forgotten Artifacts Review

Here it is folks! The review you’ve all been waiting for! Presenting…….Forgotten Artifacts!!!!

You begin in the center of town, livin’ la Vida trunk. Across from you, there is a large Christmas tree. This is your first view of Talmuth. Your journey to find the Forgotten Artifacts through the newly introduced quests starts here…READ FULL REVIEW HERE 😉

This Week in Mass Adoption

As we do every week, we are bringing you some great stories that portray the sentiment that mass adoption is imminent. If it’s not already here that is, lurking in the shadows, waiting. Well, we’re ready for it to peek its beautiful little head out. In the meantime, sit back, grab a cold one and let us keep you company with some tales. If you’re interested, this week, Microsoft did a cannonball right into the deep end of the Blockchain, Blockchain wallet tech blasts off, CBD safety meets Blockchain, and a department store in Spain got windy! Stories below… 

A huge announcement came this week from Microsoft. Through a collaboration with the popular gaming platform, Enjin, they have found a fun and informative way to reward people who are a part of bringing Blockchain tech to the masses. The Azure Heroes program was born. 5 categories of Badgers (collectible Blockchain items or NFTs) were created with a max supply ranging from 100 to 10k; Inclusive Leader (100), Content Hero (ahem) (250), Community Hero (550), Mentor (800), and Maker (10k). Badgers can be earned through nominations from anyone. Are you contributing to the Blockchain space? If so, you could be nominated! Good Luck!!!

Microsoft also said they will be using the Azure Blockchain Data Manager to make AI more transparent and help make it easier for businesses to understand. With the transparency that Blockchain will bring to AI, people can see how the AI uses and mines for data in certain scenarios. They will be able to see the transactions of information on the Blockchain and see the information is correct and secure. This was another huge announcement that was pushed out of the limelight in favor of the previous story though it is more important for the overall idea of mass adoption.

There was great news out of Italy on a subject we’ve never talked about yet in the Helios Report, copyrighting on the Blockchain. Cointelegraph reported the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers or SIAE, is using the Algorand’s new platform to make the copyrighting process more efficient and transparent. This will greatly reduce copyright caseloads if the data is easily accessible and immutable.

Some out-of-this-world news from SpaceChain was launched this week. They will be sending their digital wallet to the International Space Station! As reported by Aithority, SpaceChain will be used for a test by Nanoracks to show how Blockchain wallet tech can be used to send transactions, in this case, information, to send and receive with multi-signatures needed for security purposes and transparency. This is huge news for Blockchain and the space industry both. This can only lead to bigger and better things being done in space with Blockchain tech! 

Huge news for those who seek relief via CBD Oils. Rymedi, an FDA-Approved medical supply chain tracking tech company out of North Carolina, USA, will be the first application to take advantage of the Kadena Blockchain platform. As reported by CoinDesk, they will be piloting a program to track CBD oils from their source to destination via Blockchain tech. This will get rid of the recent worries about purity and sources of the CBD Oils to ensure safety and clarity.

A green story blew in from Spain this week. The leading department store company in Spain, El Corte Inglés will be using renewable wind energy certified by the Blockchain in its top three chains. With its long-standing partnership with The EDP Group and teaming up with EDP subsidiary EDP ​​Renováveis, the company hopes to reduce carbon emissions to equal that of “101,794 cars from the road during a week” according to the El Corte Inglés press release. This is another great example of how Blockchain tech can help fight climate change!

We’ve often reported on supply-chain Blockchain news here on the Helios Report. This week, a really big story was revealed by a consortium of global agribusiness companies. Ledger Insights ran the story confirming the release of Covantis, an agribusiness Blockchain initiative spearheaded by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus. Covantis will revolutionize the trade sector of the agricultural industry, streamlining the process and instilling a new level of trust and transparency using our favourite friend, the Blockchain.

Hey, Did Ya Hear That…

… Ethereum hard fork, Istanbul, was successfully launched? It’s still too slow…

…Idex 2.0 is coming soon? We’ll see…

…a Mythic Gods Unchained NFT sold at auction for 210 ETH? That was over $35k at the time… WOW!

…Huobi China is joining a government-backed Blockchain alliance? China is still killing it! Thank You!!

…lending start-up, Figure has gained unicorn status? No, they didn’t grow horns…

…the US SEC gave permission to Paxos to run a study on Blockchain security settlements? Cool

…Tribe, a Singaporean government-backed blockchain platform, has now raised a total of $28 million? A great start for start-ups!

…Axie Infinity released a major update to its marketplace? Have crypto, will spend…

…the Brave Browser has doubled its monthly user count in the year 2019? It’s private but it’s not a secret!

…India wants to make a country-wide Blockchain infrastructure? If you build it, they will be transparent!

…BitFury launched an Enterprise Blockchain backed by BTC? Work it, BitFury, work it!

…Binance bought DappReview? Big shocker…not!

…Bank of China used the Blockchain to issue $2.8 Billion in bonds to small businesses? China again, woooohoooooo!

…Microsoft, Eidos, and Fabled Lands are teaming up to make an NFT card game based on the 1980’s gamebook, The Way of The Tiger?  That’s three for Microsoft this week 😉

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Helios Protocol
Helios Protocol

An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions.

Helios Protocol
Helios Protocol

An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions, and to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications.

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