My experience with Kylinmining cloud farming

Hello Everyone!

As a series of posts I will let you know about kylinming cloud faming

This company was brought to my attention via a PTC ad in cointiply which in my opinion is on the top faucets around. 


I subscribed myself and realized that it is very simple to add hashpower and with bitcoins, so simple that it made me doubt.


landing page


Therefore I went to check in trustpilot and I found out that the results were biased as there were only few users giving an opinion without any real basis but one which claimed that the free subscription hash were could not be withdrawn. (



Even if I had this feedback, it is a brand new company and therefore I wished to try. 

With my subscription I got free 100 G/Hash and I am able to withdraw it.

In order to make it short:


1. Easy to use and subscribe

2. Multiplies by 3 your G/Hash that you buy so your withdraw is 300% 

3. No hidden fees and 2FA with authenticator to withdraw.

4. No need to make sometimes difficult verification process.

5. You can pay via known cryptocurrencies and FIAT money

6. There is a referral link that add % in order to earn with your farming.



1. New company and not much publicity around

2. Trustpilot has not given a great score

3. When ordering your hash rate, it is not user friendly nor simple to understand

4. Support does not answer quickly and it takes time to respond.

5. Only mines BTC and no other Cryptocurrency so far.

6. FAQ are not clear enough.




I must say that it was worth trying and that my gains are as promised until now. I don't know what will happen afterwards if BTC plunges, eitherway, I believe new companies started somewhere before becoming profitable and reliable. If you have some spare money to risk I believe is a good bet in order to obtain a 300% earnings. Last but not least, I just invested no more the $150 which is my recommendation as user as we still have to see further results. 


Stay safe and hope you like my post.

Disclaimer: this is not a financial recommendation or advise just an opinion.


Update: 27.08.2020

As you may know I did send some litecoins to this platform, after I attempted to withdraw and it stayed in "pending mode" for 3 weeks. Now the website is down. Therefore, even I wanted to give an opportunity to a new and smaller entreprise it resulted in a scam unfortunately.




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