By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 2 Apr 2021

The rule of Life

There is only 1 path to the top,

wisdom, determination & dedication,

The unfortunate episode of life

there are many ways to drop,

loss of income, sometimes an unseen circumstance,

The rain is a blessing, It falls on all houses,

In Life It is always great to save for a raining day.

Many punch above there weight & got knock out,

The agony of walking head down, Hall of Shame.

In Life even a King can loose his crown,

My advice In Life cherish all the moments,

Time is everything so why waste seconds on a frown.

Cherish the bad times as they teaches experience,

Cherish the good times as they are memories,

In Life Nothing is free,

do appreciate the five senses,

Kudos to those ones advance & working on the privilege that's common Sense.

In Life humans & animals aren't the same,

yet we share the same fate,

survival & faith,

Life can be sour like lime,

Life can be sweet like pie.

Life's experiences happiness,

Sometimes sadness.

A Cow never knew the use of it's tail,

Even humans say the same.

The ways of one's lifestyle

That story can be sad or a wonderful tale..


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