By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 2 Apr 2021

Like leaves on a windy day,

so was I,

trembling with fear,

the further I ran The closer it came,

do I have something It wants?

peeping through my fingers,

hoping it disappears,

caught in an unsteadily state of mind.

This was not my shadow,

is there a hit on me?

who or what is this stalking me?

the slamming of the doors didn't help,

should I be looking for help?

Not wanting to anger,

I must avoid it's path,

A soft answer turns away wrath

guessing it's best I stay silent.

Never before I had an uninvited guest,

Should I ask for a name,

play it cool or act a fool,

maybe then it will leave,

I am traumatized,

is this a prank or a damn game?


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easy going, down to earth & kind.


A humble guy just living day by day. These are the poems of life express by my feelings. It would be greatly appreciated If my poems inspire anyone to please like & share; a gratuity will be kindly accepted as well. All poems can be found @ vocal. Media. Links are provided in all poems.

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