By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 3 Apr 2021

Sometimes She gets on my nerve,

Not in a bad way,

I love the feeling of shivering,

an inspiration.

She's the white in my rice,

The knead of love is my flour,

her sugar of kisses my medicine.

If communication was lost,

I would send a message in a bottle,

I need you,

If you want it express,

I'll use a stork,

You know your my baby,

I Love You.

No strings attached....

(Yo). (Yo),

That's how I address my friends,

To be Only friends with You

That's pointless.

Friends & Lovers,

Now That's priceless.

One hand cant clap,

I can't have you,

without having (U)

in it.


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