By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 30 Mar 2021

What Do I spy with my little Eye,

This pretty little beauty walking in the Sky,

Her legs are the steps to Paradise,

Looking at her I see the Gateway to Heaven,

The sight of her & I am floating in the clouds,

Chest puff, head high,

the feeling of proud.

She's stand elegant like the statue of Liberty,

Paparazzi, Everyone throng along

what a sight to see,

Stop & Stare, Freeze!!

like given orders from the authority.

Peter walked on water,

She's walking on fire,

Her elegance I will never deny.

What do I spy?

A pretty little Angel of Mind,

Beautiful lady come closer,

Don't Worry, Never Fret.

Lean back, relax, Ease all your Stress,

Your new Heaven is my Chill Spot..


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