The Ridiculous Divide

By Ferrel | HealthyShaolin | 17 May 2021

There is a divide between Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other religions between themselves and Tai Chi, due to its Buddhist/ Taoist origins.  This is exacerbated by teachers of Tai Chi who ascribe a mystical origin to the art.  Let me clear:  there is nothing remotely mystical about Tai Chi.  It is an innovative form that relies on the physics of the body for its effectiveness.

The Chinese ascribe the benefit of Tai Chi to chi energy.  Chi energy is a mystical force that has never been confirmed by science.  Just as prana energy and kundalini energy has never been confirmed by science either.

I practice the Shaolin system of tai chi with no ties to the theories of the past.  Science tells the story of how Tai Chi really works, not mysticism.

Just because Bodhidharma believed in something doesn't mean that we have to.  For example, the lower tan tien which is allegedly a focal point for storage of chi energy.  There is no such thing as a lower tan tien.  In reality, the lower tan tien is the center of balance of the body.  You have to be aware of that center to be a true martial artist.

All of that storage of energy there is just in your mind.  You have been taught to believe it, so it must be so. 

All that the prana, kundalini, and chi emphasis on the energy circulation of the body is just bunk.  It is all really about body knowledge and body awareness.  It is about focusing on your body for health.  That's all, that's it.

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