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By bimbim289 | Healthy | 28 Mar 2021

Health is a very special form of gift from the almighty. We should take care of these gifts, so that our lives go well. Health also makes all body movements run normally.Sunrise

Imagine if we are sick, then our body movements will be disturbed, such as weakness, colds, shortness of breath, fever and so on. Therefore, health is the main asset in living a life in accordance with the desire of the almighty.

As for some of the tips below, to maintain our daily health as follows:

√ wake up early, wake up in the morning is very good for initial capital in running the wheels of life.

√ Drinking water, providing fluids to the body in the morning is very necessary, so that the body's mechanisms run normally.

√ Breakfast, filling the body with food in the morning is very necessary so that our bodies have energy and the body's performance can work perfectly.

√ sports, doing morning sports activities is very good, especially for stretching the muscles of the body and removing toxins through sweat fluids.




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