Drink your Food & Chew Water - For a Healthy Liver for Ever (LiVer) Part 2

By Healthehealth | HealtheWealth | 18 Jun 2021

Drink ur food, chew ur water - R Madhavan (Indian Film Star)

He paid lots of Money to an Association in Austria to learn this (they said they learnt it from India)

U are what u eat - If u can’t sit for 15 minutes w/o gadgets & eat, then u r not a successful person

Chew ur food many times till it becomes liquid

Mind gets sated after chewing for 15 minutes & brain sends signal to stop eating

Brain takes all signals from the saliva - Stomach is 2nd Brain

When food is gulped down, it goes to small intestine & pushes undigested food to Large intestine (Large intestine is layers of bacteria like a lawn)

Undigested food becomes food for bacteria (lawn becomes forest & swollen)

No food after 6 pm

Busy😇  pls listen after 12 mins track 🙏

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