Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a common problem for women and men.

Let's know about it in simple words.

What is UTI

It is the infection of any part of urinary tract(kidney,ureters,Bladder,urethra).

Cause of UTI

● most common cause is bacteria like E.coli,Chlamydia,mycoplasma.

when it mainly occurs?

♧ Inadequet bladdar habit.

♧ Not emptying the bladder clearly

♧ Holding the urine for a long time.

♧ Not maintaining personal hygiene.


◇Frequency or urination

◇Urgency of urination

◇Burning sensation during urination.

◇Slight pain in lower abdomen.

◇Fever(if infection reach kidney)

How can you prevent it?

♡ Take plenty of water everyday,it wash away the bacteria.

♡Maintain personal and sexual hygine

♡Wipe from front to back.

♡Maintain special hygiene during periods(for women)

♡Take more vitamin C.

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Health problems
Health problems

We all must have some basic knowledge about diseases,their prevention and treatment plan. I will try to make it easy for you excluding all the medical terms.

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