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what are the miraculous benefits of drinking water

By merve | health and self care tips | 8 Oct 2020

Water, a liquid consisting of hydrogen and oxygen, is the most necessary substance for life after Air. About 55 - 70% of the body of living things consists of water. Although it is possible to live for weeks without eating, it can only be a few days without drinking water. The human body needs water to stay healthy and ensure adequate blood volume. Because of these properties, water is called a “hidden nutrient”.

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How much water do we need daily?

The body indicates that it is dehydrated with a feeling of thirst. But when thirst is felt, the body is already dehydrated, so drinking water without waiting for thirst is mandatory for a healthy life.An adult, healthy person should drink two liters (about 8 glasses) of water a day. Although drinking water is the most beneficial liquid for the body, fruit juices, milk, soups and herbal teas that have not added sugar can also meet your daily liquid needs.

A significant amount of water also enters our body with fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Because sugary drinks reduce water absorption, they cannot completely replace water. Coffee, tea and alcoholic substances cause thirst because they increase water excretion from the body. A glass of tea and coffee is equivalent to only half a glass of water.

In cases where body temperature increases or water loss from the body increases, it also requires an increase in daily water intake. Therefore, in febrile diseases, diarrhea and vomiting, it is necessary to drink excess water in proportion to the fluid lost when using drugs that increase water excretion from the body. For each degree increase in body temperature in fever rise, it is necessary to drink another 50 - 75 ml of water per day.

How do we prevent water loss in hot weather?

On a Normal day, our body loses close to two liters of water every day. 240 ml in the form of steam with breathing, 120 ml with normal sweating, 120 ml with defecation is lost. The remaining amount is lost by urine. If water intake is insufficient, the person removes rare, small amounts and dark urine. The light color of the extracted urine is an indicator that the body can get as much water as it needs.

With sweating on hot days or after an intense workout, the body's water loss increases. In proportion to the lost water, the amount of water to be drunk daily should be increased to three or even four liters. Because the need for water will change depending on the environment and person, the amount of water to drink should be adjusted according to the feeling of thirst and the color of the urine removed.

Is drinking too much water harmful?

In Normal circumstances, a healthy person drinks a reasonable amount of excess water will not hurt. Even if more water is drunk than necessary, it is not possible to expel vital substances in the body. But when drinking excess water for a long time, the body's water/salt balance is disrupted and serious problems occur. In those who drink excess water, a disease table occurs because a hormone called vasopressin, which adjusts the amount of water released from the body by urine, can also be suppressed. With excessive water intake, the salt contained in the cells comes out. Brain cells are most affected by this condition and damage to the brain develops.

Relationship between slimming and water

Water is essential for digestion and absorption of food, contraction of muscles, transport of oxygen and nutrients to body cells, removal of waste substances from the body and ensuring body heat balance. In addition, it is necessary to drink enough water every day to prevent constipation, protect the moisture of the skin, remove excess fat that accumulates in the body, and prevent water accumulation in the body.

Drinking plenty of water for those who follow a weight loss diet allows both fats and other metabolic wastes to move away from the body and creates a feeling of satiety. Sometimes we can mix the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger, and actually eat unnecessarily with a feeling that can be suppressed by drinking water. Frequent sipping of water throughout the day prevents such misconceptions.

How should a good water be?

- It should not contain pathogenic microorganisms.- Odorless, colorless, clear and pleasant to drink.- Water should not contain substances that give bad smell and taste to water, such as phenols, oils.

- No nitrite, no ammonia. These indicate that the water is contaminated with organic substances. Nitrate, on the other hand, indicates that the contamination has increased to extreme levels. It is dangerous for these substances to be present in drinking water. Especially more dangerous for children.- The presence of more than 200 milligrams of chloride in the water can be considered a sign of contamination.

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