"Putin's Interesting Story”

By Slowmen | HEALTH AND BEAUTY | 5 Jan 2020



"Putin's Interesting Story”

Maybe a pair of shoes changed the fate of the world. It Was The Second World War. Leningrad, his hometown from the war zone (St. Petersburg) a soldier who had come on leave came across a truck carrying the dead as a result of German bombardment while heading to the street where his house was located. The dead were being taken to the cemetery for” mass burial." Among the bodies was something that caught the soldier's attention; a shoe…

It looked like the shoe he bought his wife. After hesitating about whether to go home, he told the attendant that he “wanted to see the dead man wearing the shoe.” The attendant gave me permission. The soldier got into the truck, looked at the body... it was his wife... he told the officer that “the body was his own wife and he wanted to take it and bury it himself.” With the help of the attendant, the body was taken down. The soldier saw his wife breathing hard and took her to the hospital... as a result of the interventions the woman was rescued, recovered and returned to normal life…

That woman got pregnant and gave birth to Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on October 7, 1952... What Should we say about coincidence... in the most unexpected places and times, dramas that the human mind would hardly accept can be experienced.

From Hillary Clinton's book” Hard Choices."

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