Diversify in cryptos?

By SaidKalel | He_Said_Crypto | 29 Apr 2021

Just 10 years ago you can buy a bitcoin for one dollar and now it's valued at 50k/60k. Only one dollar invested at 2011 could give us financial freedom for this moment.

Right now, invest in bitcoin stay profitable but possibly its growth in the next 10 years will be far away from matching the 5,000,000% increase achieved between 2011 and 2021.



At present, there are hundreds of coins and tokens with different potentials and it is difficult to predict which one will have the greatest growth in the coming years. Many of these currencies today are very low priced as bitcoin was a few years ago.

At present, everyone seeks to invest in the coins and tokens that have had the highest performance in current times, leaving aside those that are new to the crypto market or that have not stood out at the moment. But, if we were to invest at least $100 in these undervalued coins and tokens, $1 in each, it would be enough that just one of them will achieve a similar performance to Bitcoin in the next 10 years to be profitable, even if all the others fail and we lost $99, with one that increase its value and reached $1,000 or even $50,000 as the bitcoin, the investment would have been worth the risk. Perhaps, it is a good idea to accumulate at least one of each coin and token that we can, betting on the triumph in a few years of any of them, it could be even more profitable than betting everything on a coin or token that currently seems promising but in a few years it might not be the gold mine we expected.


Cryptocurrency is the future, if you are on this page reading this it is because you already know it and surely you are surrounded by people who still do not see the potential of the blockchain and just as many were lucky enough to enter on time with bitcoin, it is ours opportunity to enter in time with the other coins and tokens. Diversifying now with small amounts can give great results in a few years, what do you think?

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