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Intro to Faucetpay

By hcacw | hcacw - FAUCETPAY | 2 Jan 2021

today is simply to cover the legalities of blogging on behalf of a company\organization.

I am your friendly chat hammer. LOL. JK  JK

Many on the site know me as hcacw, the friendly helpful but follow the rules chat moderator and community manager.

Below is a copy of the emails between myself and support team at Faucetpay requesting and receiving permission to post specifics on Faucetpay.




***DISCLAIMER I am not a financial advisor, but simply an average everyday person looking for a break and help others do the same. and thus I am not personally and\or legally responsible for any and\or ALL decisions you MAY or MAY NOT make as a result of you reading my material. ***

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40 year old Canadian with several medical conditions and a 7 year old. I like to help others where and when I can. I'm knowledgeable in home construction, free crypto and computers. i am writing a biography/book call Relentless I wish to one day publish.


Provide information and updates related to Faucetpay I am your friendly and fair Moderator/COMMUNITY MANAGER Hcacw.

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