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Hello friends...

I would like to share with you my comments and thoughts on an expectation that has caught my attention for a long time but has not come true. Of course, the bull season, which I have expectations but no hope.

I'm waiting because it turns out to be the shortest way to make really nice gains. If you are someone who has spent some time in this market, the expectation becomes more appetizing. So, will the bull come by waiting?
I don't think it will be very possible for a bull period like the 2017 season to happen again. I can explain this thought as follows, there were not many coins in the market in 2017, when the money entering the market was distributed on the cake, every coin had a positive effect. Today, however, the coin rate has increased tremendously, but the expected 5X - 10X situations did not occur as the money inflow did not increase at the same rate. For now, such a bull seems unlikely.

Now let's get to the real side of things. Waiting for the bull is daydreaming. For now, it's hard to say that there are all kinds of investors in the crypto market. There are many investors who have not yet invested in crypto. There are 3 types of people in the market right now in my opinion. One of them is a winner, one can make both profit and loss, and the other is just a loser. First of all, let me explain both the profit and loss maker. These are the brave researchers and pioneer investors who can see the future of money and turn their way here. Since the process in the change of money will take some time, a profit and loss balance is formed and in the end, of course, the winners will be the pioneers. The second group is the only winners, that is, the fraudsters, and the third part is just the losers, that is, by greed, they either disappear in the market or lose everything to the fraudsters.

Anyway, let's get back to our main topic and the bull that created our wait. Will such a season occur, of course, this will be possible when the conditions are met. Of course, the primary requirement should be the entry of money into the market, which is necessary for this early bull. Other kinds of stocks, precious metals, etc. investors need to embrace the crypto market and direct their investments there. In short, all kinds of money are needed to feed the bull.

Will the bull come otherwise?
Yes, this is possible with experience, patience, investment in the right project and sufficient technical and basic knowledge. We need a solid infrastructure to win. In short, for now, we have to raise our own bull.
I wish everyone a happy day and good luck...

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