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Hello guys, I hope everyone is well.

As we all know, the crypto world is an area with certain risks. First of all, there are risks such as being disappointed at the end of an unconscious investment and making big losses. There are also risks such as the disappearance of the stock market or institutions you choose to invest afterwards. The first of these risks can be eliminated with knowledge, the second is a possible risk, although it is not experienced very often today. But the issue I want to talk about is the problems that the stock markets have against the risk of being stolen. The crypto world is growing every day, and with it, this risk grows. Protecting the assets is as important to the investor as it is to the stock market and brokerage houses. Here, I will have a brief idea and suggestion on how to take a step, and I will need your support in order to make my voice heard.

First of all, I would like to say that my opinion is open to comments and suggestions, I think we can achieve this together. My idea is an independent supervisory mechanism that controls exchanges and brokerages. I would like to list a few suggestions about the formation and functioning of this mechanism.

1 - Institutional structure should be independent.
2 - There should be state representatives, central banks, representatives from public and private sector banks, stock exchange and brokerage house representatives, computer experts, representatives from the investor sector and legal people within the institution structure.
3 - Collateral must be shown. This topic can be applied in some detail. Stock exchange and brokerage houses are required to show a specified collateral in order to provide services in a global framework. According to the amount of this guarantee, it should also determine the service limit. The service area can be determined to the extent of the guarantee. While staying within the borders of the country that meets the lowest level of coverage, it can provide global service that meets the highest level of coverage. The collateral shown should be updated at regular intervals if needed, because as new entrants to the market, the risk of loss will increase. The collateral may have a certain period of time, but it should not be limited. Organizations showing the lowest level of collateral can gradually increase this level in the future.
4 - The process should be completely transparent and understandable. It must be accountable.
5 - Strong customer service. The most important point is that it should have a structure that can solve problems instantly.

The system should ensure that it remains up-to-date and reliable by checking the security, development and technological structures of the stock market and institutions by making inspections at intervals determined by itself.

A strong and independent supervisory mechanism will greatly pave the way for the flow of money to the market. The crypto world is new and not yet attractive to the fearful investor. No matter how high the earnings aspect may seem, it is not attractive for someone who likes to invest in a guarantee. The way for the investor who is afraid to enter the market first will be cleared, and there will also be an increase in the percentage allocated by the existing investors. I would very much like to hear your views and ideas on this subject and to make our voices heard higher.

I wish everyone a happy day and good luck...

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