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Hello guys...

In this article, I want to talk about my strategies. You can leave what you want to add as a comment under my articles, I would be very happy also...

For me, knowledge is the greatest strategy. I will do my best to improve myself. My priority in information is always market psychology. Because thinking healthy will enable you to take stronger steps. Accurate and rational information about information is a matter that must be taken into account. Any information you come across can cause confusion and information pollution, so I recommend you to be meticulous while obtaining information. For example, technical analysis is information, graphic information pollution. Learning technical analysis gives you information, graphics are only a guide. The graphics must be behind you in the rest of your way or it will create an excessive unnecessary load. This is of course just an example. Please do not misunderstand the information pollution for the graphic. The graphic is a guide, collecting the information you use while setting out on the road creates unnecessary knowledge. Therefore, it would be more rational to keep the necessary information and update the unnecessary information when the time comes. Of course, another reason why I think this way is that analysts' chart analysis uses different time periods and different formations.

It was a little pointless to use an example more than an article, but I went into details to avoid confusion. There are many ways to access information today, the important thing here is to distinguish the right information. The instant price of a product is information, the point that is said to be the future is a prediction. Guessing is not information and is misinformation. You can multiply examples, I wanted to give very common arguments as examples. Remember money markets always involve high risk and misinformation is misleading and will lead you to the abyss.

Finally, don't forget to look at yourself from the outside if you really want to understand that you have gained knowledge and experience. Looking from the outside, would you imitate yourself?
If your answer is yes, you are on the right track.

I like to use different perspectives, if you like diversity, please stay tuned...

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