By avina | Life... | 1 Mar 2022

Fear has always been the biggest factor in management. All authoritarian structures in the world have primarily used fear to dominate and control people. Fear of war, fear of hunger, epidemic and fear of death is an opportunity not to be missed to keep people under control.

Unfortunately, all the fears I have listed have been a situation that everyone faces in the recent past and today. We are those lucky kids.

But today, as a people, we also have a power.


Crypto that challenges the system, expresses freedom, and shows that power cannot be one-sided. First of all, if crypto, which has an impact on the economy, brings the current financial system to its knees and paves the way for an equal and fair income distribution, any power point in the future will not start a war to win more, will not be able to exploit the wealth of poor countries, and will not scare as much as epidemics with the effect of a fair development process. Walking on the path opened by Satoshi stands before us as a road map for a new world order and economy. While I don't like that it's growing so fast, it's not a loss, but it delays the future a bit. Over time, many projects will not be able to continue, but the remaining ones will pave the way for a new economy model.

Yes, even if states produce their own cryptocurrencies in the future, today's strong projects will survive and add value to the economy. Bitcoin and Ethereum will be an indispensable value in all circumstances, Bitcoin will be a source of inspiration.

In short, it is the place where the first steps of the future of the crypto world are taken. The goal gets closer every day when pioneers believe.

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