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Wow! My Sons Almost 2 !!


Aloha , It's me chantel and I am here to say OMG 😲 ! How time truly does fly. My son is going to be 2 in August on the 2nd.84bdae281895ee44454c2d7c976ed5865b5bbb3606acb283e75cd10bbcd66012.jpg

I watch him grow every day.  My sons learning abilities and getting to know new things amazes me everyday.648751752a930dbcf90a5f6fc5825e9c36639d7f6ef1cd880828c02019fcca7d.jpg

I love my son so much that he has certainly become my whole world. From me carrying him in my stomach, and going through ups and downs together.


Every moment spent with my son is never a  disappointing or dull moment. I love everything about my son and have even wrote a song for my son, which I will be releasing when I am ready, hopefully soon.


But time does fly by very fast. My son did not crawl however he just got up and ran.efb9b7b5043f8a2b885939cf67cd78c326044d800014cb27bca5f4ebd4309a11.jpg

My son also loves music 🎶 , he loves dancing and hearing me sing. I love my son more than anything in this world. My miracle baby boy, my blessing, my first born baby Mommy loves you always and forever.

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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

I am Chantel, born & raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I grew up in a small town called Ka'u. I loved going 2 the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, & love my animals ,I love to sing & write my own songs. I now am married have a 3yr old&live in PA

Hawai'i Island Life
Hawai'i Island Life

Imagine waking up every morning and being able to just load up your car and go to the beach an bbq, Imagine being able to just camp where you want and fish (with no permits required). Imagine being able to just walk right down the road to a friends house or go right around the corner to your uncle or auntys house. Imagine fresh breezes under coconut trees and listening to the sounds of the waves rumbling on the black sand beach, rolling the pebbles along the sand with incoming waves.

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