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Aloha , I chantel am back after being away for a bit. I would like to tell you all about the journey that I have been on with having type II diabetes.  Well first off its not been easy at all. I found out I had diabetes at the age of 23 in the year of 2009. Previously in the year of 2006 I had gotten mobbed by my bestest best friend, her mother, and some supposed to be friends.I ended up in the hospital. The hospital had taken blood work, cat scan, and MRI tests. All the tests came back and they were not good. Well because of the test results and me being in so much pain, I took them to court and had a 3 year TRO put against all of them who mobbed me.
I was not feeling good one day in the year of 2009. I started getting really bad headaches and could not stop the cravings for massive amounts of sweets, and one more thing, I had to always pee, like every 30 minutes or more. I ended up telling my boyfriend what my symptoms were and how I was feeling and he said I should go to the dr. So I had made a dr's appointment. 
While at the dr office the dr has blood word drawn. The blood results took about  1 week to come back. When the blood results came in, I was called back in to the dr's office, that is when the dr told me that I have diabetes and that she was not sure if it was type I or Type II. The dr put me on some meds and told me that she would see me back in 3 months to see if I the oral meds were working, and then she could determine if I was a type I or type II diabetic.
I went home taking oral meds for about maybe 2 weeks and I started getting really sick. Kept getting worse headaches, stomach aches, and was throwing up everytime shortly after I had taken my meds. I ended up going back to the dr and getting different oral meds prescribed to me and that still did not work, it seemed to be making me worse every oral med she gave me.
The dr then decided to put me on a shot along side of one oral med. The shot I was taking was called Victoza and the oral med she had decided to put me on was called Alogliptin. The Victoza however did not go well with me at all. The shot made me weak to the point I could not walk at all, I was constantly throwing up. I had completely lost my appetite to eat. I was 184 pounds when I first found out that I had diabetes and in just 2 months and a half I was down to 150. My weight was coming off of me very fast!


Now a few years go by and my A1C sugar levels are still not doing good. My A1C sugar levels are at 300-400's! Its now 2015 and still I am loosing weight. I decide to check my weight at a friends house, I am now down to 136 pounds. I have never been this skinny before in my life. I was down to a size 7 and I was happy but yet scared. I mean I went from being 184 to 150 to 148 to 144 to 140 to 136 . It may have been a few years but I did drop my weight off my body very fast, and yet my A1C sugar levels were still outrageously high ranging in at 11.3. 
I ended up moving to pennsylvania in the summer of 2018 from Hawai'i. While being here in pennsylvania my fiance found me some good dr's to help me manage my diabetes. I went to a few dr's while I have been here in pennsylvania and well they all seem to say the same thing. They all do not understand my diabetes. You see the reason the dr's say this is because mostly all the time that I eat sweets my sugar will go low and when I do not eat sweets or eat anything at all my sugar levels will get high. 
Well I ended up getting pregnant in the winter of 2018 and found out I was pregnant in the spring of 2019 and well my diabetes seemed to have gone away. Every time I went in for a check up, my sugar levels would be normal like I had no diabetes, Dr's were asking me if I was sure that I had diabetes. But shortly after having my son in the ending of the summer in 2019 my diabetes sugar levels started to rise back up. It started to worry me and upset me. I started seeing diabetic specialists and special dr's that deal with diabetes because my A1C sugar level count had come back and was not extremely high but in the high range being at 9.8 . 


Now I have been seeing all these doctors and specialists and still no one can seem to figure me out. Its now the present year of 2021. My primary care physicians office has about 3 drs that work under 1 main dr. The main dr decided to take over my diabetes and had me do blood work in march. Results came back and she put me on a oral medication called Metformin. I had taken Metformin before I had told her, and it made me very sick, she told me that this type of Metformin was slow acting and should not make me sick, but if it did she would change the medication right away,  and also the dr found out that I was indeed a type II diabetic, and my type of diabetes can be helped and washed away like it never happened. 
I listened to the dr and started taking the Metformin along with my other diabetic medications. I also take Insulin I know I did forget to mention to you all. I was now taking my Alogliptin , Metformin, and Insulin, along with my blood thinners and other medications. I started feeling better and was not craving any sweets. I mean I have sweets around the house and I do not want them. 
Now its June 2019 and I had my 3 month blood work drawn and results are in. I go the dr and await my results. While I am sitting there I am thinking to myself that my A1C sugar levels are going to come back higher than what it was and I was going to get drilled out by the dr about how high my A1C sugar level was. Well the dr comes in with her little laptop thing and says to me well lets look at your blood work results and you are looking pretty good and happy. I tell the dr yes I am happy because my family from Hawai'i was going to be coming to visit in a couple weeks. The dr looks at me and says well that is something to be happy about. 
So now the dr looks at me and says well wow, your A1C sugar level is 6.8. I looked at her almost crying and in shock. Well the dr was amazed and in shock too. The dr looks at me and says how did you do it? I looked back at her and said I guess I just listened in taking my medications and fiance helps me in remembering to take my Insulin and other diabetic medications. I also told her that I have not been eating any sweets because I do not want it or crave it hardly. The dr says to me, well that is because you are almost out of having diabetes, I look back at her in complete smiles. The dr says to me well she is not going to change any of the medications and she will check my A1C blood sugar count again in 4 months and for me to keep up the good work in what I was doing because it seems to be working an awesome job on taking control of my type II diabetes.
I left the drs office, went home and told my fiance the great news about my diabetes being almost completely gone, and how my A1C sugar level was down to 6.8 now from being 9.8. We both cried and were very happy. 
Sooo Is me having diabetes a bad thing? I would say that I hate having diabetes, hell yes I do!, and I hate having to watch what I eat, and hate mot being able to be in the heat for long periods, but other then that being a diabetic does not make you different than a person without diabetes, because to me, we are all the same in god's eyes, and I am who I am and my fiance loves me for me and so does everyone that knows me or is around me.
So to keep everyone up to date on what is going on now, I have to do blood work again in a couple months and will find out how my A1C sugar levels are doing and where I am at. 

Stay tuned for more posts

Thank You for reading my post

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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

My name is Chantel , born an raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I was raised in a small town out in the country. I love going to the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, love my animals , I love to sing and write my own songs.

Hawai'i Island Life
Hawai'i Island Life

Imagine waking up every morning and being able to just load up your car and go to the beach an bbq, Imagine being able to just camp where you want and fish (with no permits required). Imagine being able to just walk right down the road to a friends house or go right around the corner to your uncle or auntys house. Imagine fresh breezes under coconut trees and listening to the sounds of the waves rumbling on the black sand beach, rolling the pebbles along the sand with incoming waves.

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