Garden Trash Vol.2 #4

Garden Trash Vol.2 #4

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 29 May 2020

Hi Growers
9 days have passed and I bring another photoblog from my series.
Nothing revolutionary today. The flowers would need more heat, after all the temperature is now up to 15 degrees Celsius and overnight around 6 degrees Celsius.
On the other hand, it rained a lot and at least the upper part of the soil was saturated with water.
I will always write a few details about the plants themselves in the photo.
Another baby was added to Garden Trash, namely Black Jack. Now I will take care of 6 plants.
It's more than I need and actually one more than the law allows.
The point is, it's a beautiful plant, and I enjoy growing it.

I will be happy if you give me a tip as a reward or just help so that my photoblog can be seen by someone else.
And need inspiration.

Enjoy the photo

Sweet Cheese 28.5

He hasn't made much progress last week, but the heat after Sunday will do him good.



Jamaica 27.5

I honestly bend it to the ground. Next week I will try to make rejuvenations from unnecessary branches.
The flower is slightly dirty because water splashes on it from the roof.
I see a bigger problem in the fact that there are a lot of holes in the leaves, I was looking for a caterpillar, but nothing.








Big Bud 27.5 

the flower lacks nothing but more sunshine. Depending on the color, it seems to receive all nutrients correctly.
The second photo shows that I stretched the lower branch. Some of them will still go away, but there is nowhere to hurry.





Black Jack 27.5.

You could write the same description as about the previous flower.
The third photo shows the expansion of the lower branches again.
I'm sorry for the terrible photo (the green background isn't much, I'll get better next time)







Chemdawg 27.5.

Dogie as I started to call the flower she made us sample 4 central branches. It will last until the next report and then the right lower central will go away.
The three should be enough to fill a space of 1.5x1m.
This flower will be the most work, but also fun.







Black Jack baby 27.5

There was so that when there were no more left, so why hide it for another year, it went to the ground.
First it went to Jif and as soon as it grew through I planted a flower in a 35L bucket. For now, he will stay in the greenhouse, and when there is no room for it, I will find another one for him in the garden.



That's all for today thank you for thumbs up, tip follow and sharing with other friends.

Have fun and let it grow

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I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)



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Hate and funny

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