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The Fall

By hashcash | hashcash | 16 Jul 2020

After yesterday all I am seeing is a lot of disdain for twitter. The reality is that we need to get our act together before they do. This world is made of partnerships and sooner or later the big tech is going to come looking for the smart tech. And when they come only to find us in disarray, they'll leave to look for something even better. Keep in mind that blockchain is not the only solution around. It is on you and me to make sure that we develop it to the point that it becomes the best possible solution.

I will not disagree with the fact that people are lazy with their social media. It's scary - because to hold power in your hands and not realize it's worth is dangerous. We use the same rotten passwords, act blase about our digital security and most importantly we feel comfortable handing over the control of our digital presence to 'big tech'. This is a recipe for disaster because the supposed 'big tech' is lazy too. Sooner or later the market conditions will force them to come looking for smart tech (read: blockchain crowd with crypto heads).

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