Team Karma is fighting COVID19 & why you should join us!
Fight the good fight with Team Karma on Boid

Team Karma is fighting COVID19 & why you should join us!

By hashcash | hashcash | 4 May 2020


The community behind the Karma app is going to move into the fray in the fight against the Coronavirus. We the folks at Karma have formed a team, and we are going to help the research in resolving one of the biggest crises that humanity has faced in this century. I have been a user of the Karma app since the very beginning and my commitment to it is very close to my heart.

(Image source: photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash)

Fight the good fight with Team Karma on Boid

I am proud to announce that the Karma community will be participating in Season-4 of Boid. We plan to join several other teams in a combined effort to push back against the current pandemic crisis. None of us are scientists, so how do you think we’ll fight? Simple, we are going to use the spare computing power of our computers and combine them as a team. This computing power will then contribute to the BOID network, which is a social supercomputer. Boid project will use the World Community Grid to solve complex mathematical problems that are directly related to the ongoing research on COVID-19.

Boid Season-4 would be launched on 27th April 2020 and the Karma community will be there walking the walk! So common and join us. You can do your part by simply joining us in our journey and all of this from the comfort of your home.

You can register on Boid by using my referral.

After you’ve registered, join our team using this link.

I have been lucky enough to have been a part of both Karma and Boid when they were launched. I was a beta user applicant for Karma and also a part of ‘season 0’ of Boid. Karma and Boid are a match made in heaven and the best way to show this to the world is by fighting the good fight together.

Thinks to keep in mind:

  1. You’ll need an EOS account to get your Boid rewards.
  2. Use scatter to stake Boid tokens for even more rewards.
  3. Team bonuses will be delivered in Karma tokens.
  4. You do not need to be Karma app user to join Team Karma on Boid.
  5. Boid website
  6. Karma website
  7. World Community Grid for COVID-19 research

(Image source: photo by Lopez Robin on Unsplash)


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