Hashbon Pass: finally here to commemorate the new era of NFT ID

By Hashbon_FiRe | Hashbon FiRe | 1 Jul 2022

We can start our article ordinarily, welcoming you, telling some stories, but today we have a special occasion, therefore we’re saying…

Congratulations, HASHtronauts!

Today, on June 30th, the countdown till the Hashbon Pass launch has finished and we’re launching our fully functional website. If you start clapping your hand, smiling, shouting or even passing out from excitement, we understand and share these emotions with you. Before we get you acquainted with our site and product, we’d like to say that we couldn’t have launched Hashbon Pass without your support, it really helped us to move forward, so a big thank you goes out to all the brave crypto enthusiasts and our dear HASHtronauts!  

You may understand our feelings because we’re releasing our “little rockstar” into the big crypto world. We hope that soon we—NFT Passport holders—will reminisce about this moment together. To get in touch with our platform and feel this moment, we prepared an introductory video. Let’s watch it!

Here we are! We know that we are the authors of that video, but still, it gives us goosebumps. For those who forgot what Hashbon Pass is or found our page for the first time (hello!) We would like to give a brief summary of Hashbon Pass. Also, for those who want to learn each detail inside and out, we recommend studying our WhitePaper.

Hashbon Pass, or NFT Passport by Hashbon FiRe, is an NFT token and a decentralized protocol for reusable identity verification on blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and other EVM-compatible networks. Our main mission is to facilitate a privacy-oriented KYC procedure. We’re helping businesses perform KYC procedures in a safe manner, the way it’s supposed to be done.

The Hashbon Pass protocol is the first ever Anonymous KYC. Through the utilization of Tokenized All Web3 Pass (TAWP), DeFi services—including DEXes, IDOs, & lending platforms—understand that they have a verified user active on their platform. Additionally, they can determine their age, citizenship, their presence on blacklists, as well as calculate the user’s credit score and social rating without needing access to their personal data.

Hashbon Pass strives to achieve two fundamental goals: simplify the user's interaction with the constantly-evolving DeFi space, and preserve the core values of the industry in the face of looming government interference and regulation.  


Hashbon Pass presents a clear solution for 3 groups of people:

  • Users who are tired of the malicious user-data industry, looking for convenience and security 
  • Services looking for secure & seamless user verificatio
  • Verifiers looking to join Hashbon’s initiative in bringing new standards to the counterintuitive verification procedure

Find some attractive solutions for your business? You can book a demo and try all Hashbon Pass’ features via [email protected]

It is very difficult to stop talking about our Hashbon Pass, we can do it indefinitely. Soon we will have a few AMAs where you can look at Hashbon Pass from all angles, and you’re all invited! Just follow our announcement channel and stay up-to-date with our upcoming events. 

Raise a glass to Hashbon Pass!

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Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant.

Hashbon FiRe
Hashbon FiRe

Finance Reinvented Crypto Ecosystem. Including DeFi CDEX platform Hashbon Rocket, payment gateway Hashbon React and crypto wallet Hashbon Quant.

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