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By Humble Farmer | HarvestFinance | 2 Jul 2021

Hello dear Farmers!

We are happy to announce that Harvest Finance is now officially blogging at Publish0x. 

The other blogs that you've seen around here were made by our humble and loyal farmers with our blessing, however, they didn't officially represent us on what's happening in our ecosystem. 

There is a ton of new stuff coming to Harvest and we would like to keep you posted on all that🚜 

The Contest

We will soon launch our welcoming contest with a bunch of $FARM prizes. To this date, we typically tasked the community of publish0x to come up with tutorials, memes, and general articles on Harvest.

The next contest will be totally different.

Follow our Publish0x account to make sure you won't miss the contest and updates!

Harvest Team

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