Be An Early Bird to Blockster - A New Cryptocurrency Social Platform

Be An Early Bird to Blockster - A New Cryptocurrency Social Platform

By harshitahuja | harshitahuja | 19 Jun 2021

About Blockster

Blockster is a social platform focused on cryptocurrency. Blockster isn’t the first social platform for cryptocurrency. We’ve had Publish0x which has thrived and flourished over time, Uptrennd which disappeared too soon, Juiice that never took off. But believe me, Blockster is a bit different. There is more to Blockster that meets the eye.

Blockster aims to help legitimate projects build a following, share news and updates related to their projects. Users can get to know about upcoming tokens, ICO projects. It will have an education area, live coin ranking just like CoinMarketCap, user-generated content, and news just like Publish0x. Blockster will bring the best of both worlds to one place.

What makes Blockster different?

Blockster will allow cryptocurrency projects, exchanges to advertise on the platform. Back in 2018, Twitter and Facebook banned cryptocurrency advertising which deprived cryptocurrency projects and exchanges the opportunity to advertise themselves in front of a quality audience. Blockster is here to change it.

Blockster founder Adam Todd, who is also the Founder and CEO of Digitex Futures Exchange explored that it is impossible to buy quality traffic to reach a quality audience. Todd wants Blockster to be a part of the ecosystem involving Digitex.

BXR token

BXR token is the gateway to reaching a high quality audience. BXR is the native token of the platform. You need to buy BXR tokens which you can spend on advertising.

The supply of BXR tokens would constantly decrease. 5% of the BXR tokens received in advertising revenues would be burned right off. Another 20% of the BXR token would be shared with BXR stakers, the people who stake their BXR tokens.

How Can You Get Your Hands on BXR tokens?


The Blockster Airdrop has a million BXR tokens which would be shared among people. All you need to do is head over to the Blockster website and complete a few social tasks. All the tasks are optional. You can complete the tasks you wish to. Each completed task would fetch you 1 point which is equal to 1 BXR token. Also, you can earn tokens by referring Blockster to your friends. Each referral fetches you 1 point.


Screenshot of all the social tasks by the author

1 BXR would be equal to $2.5 according to the market value when Blockster debuts. The tokens can be earned on a first come first serve basis and the airdrop ends when 1,000,000 BXR tokens are rewarded.


The Blockster presale will have 6 phases, of which phase 1 has already ended. The tokens in the presale are being sold at a discounted prices, with prices increasing in each phase. The BXR tokens were sold for $1 per token in the first phase. The price for the ongoing, second phase is fixed at $1.25. The prices for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sales, are fixed at $1.5, $1.75, $2, and $2.25. You are simply getting an early bird discount!

Join the Blockster Airdrop here.

Join the Blockster Presale here.

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