The most promising cryptocurrencies selected by the community

Crypto Moonshots for 2023 - The most promising cryptocurrencies selected by the community

It was touch and go whether I was going to produce my annual moonshot report this year. The thinking was, is anyone interested in crypto moonshots when billions have been lost to scams, implosions, hacks and a market collapse due to a total loss of confidence? On the face of it the answer was obvious, the majority of crypto enthusiasts had moved on after their portfolios had been decimated, leaving with a bitter taste in their mouths. However, that was only on the face of it. When I looked closer it was apparent that there remains an active loyal base of crypto investors who continue to look for and invest in opportunities and are busily ‘buying the dip’.

Scouring the numerous crypto forums was both enlightening and revealing. I discovered many projects that are under the radar and where the crypto community is massively behind them and most are at reasonable valuations compared to a few years ago. I look at five of the top cryptocurrencies which are the most popular among the community. 

It goes without saying, although I will say it anyway, this report is not financial advice. As I argued in my article Why Cryptocurrency as an Investment is Destined for Oblivion the current token model is broken. Project founders retain the majority of the rewards when token holders are putting up the risk capital to fund their ventures. However if we have learnt a lesson from 2022 it is that we must be skeptical. Everyone is a liar until proven otherwise. There is no such thing as a stable coin and DeFi is not a way of saving. High yields are not sustainable. If you bear these words of warning in mind and only invest risk capital that you understand could very well go up in smoke at a blink of an eye then you are ready to read on.

The good news is there are some interesting cryptocurrencies out there still. There is a strong core  community that believes in crypto and overlooks the current problems with a focus on the future. In my opinion the future is bright. It is still worth keeping an eye out for cryptocurrencies that are innovative and are set to change or add value to the traditional way of doing things. And that is why I published my annual report again this year. 

Crypto Moonshots 2023

The most popular cryptocurrency with the community was TechTrees. In addition to TechTrees there were four other cryptocurrencies which showed strong support from the community. I have provided a brief overview below of each of these projects, including my opinion on each.


TechTrees (TTC)

Price: $0.0022

Market Cap: $15.1m

Tech Trees was conceived to act as an international fundraising Web 3.0 organization to support the work of tree planting, protecting tropical forests and driving down carbon pollution globally.

Despite its popularity among the community there are so many red flags with this project. Firstly the website doesn't even function properly. Secondly, there is limited information on the team. In addition it claims that the CEO ‘constantly interacts with Elon Musk’. If that were the case they would be providing the full information on the team members along with their LinkedIn profile. This is a major red flag. Whilst TTC has nearly 18,000 followers on Twitter engagement is poor which means that many of these followers are either bots or simply not interested. 

Bottom line is this isn’t investable even if you are a climate change warrior. 


Syscoin (SYS)

Price: $0.105 

Market Cap: $79.4m

Syscoin started in 2013 with an idea to expand the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and first launched in 2014. The project began by extending the reach of Satoshi Nakamoto's vision through merged mining. Syscoin is an open-source public project, protocol, and network. Contributors are dedicated to building a future in which global populations benefit from individual sovereign ownership and have the tools and infrastructure they need in order to obtain, use, and grow digital value at scale, in a decentralized way.

This is a well established project with a solid team. Their focus is on a concept called merged mining, this allows an individual to mine more than one cryptocurrency simultaneously. This is a powerful idea. Our main concern is that the tools that SYS are developing are not owned by the token holders but by the foundation therefore much of the value created will accumulate outside of token holders. This isn't unusual, albeit frustrating. Success will depend on adoption. It is a token worth taking a closer look at and buying on price weakness. 


Wombex Finance (WMX)

Price: $0.092

Market Cap: $9.3m

This is how Wombex describes themselves, ‘Boosting yield for liquidity providers and concentrating governance power across Wombat’.

A few statistics may paint a more revealing picture. TVL is $60m, 24 hour liquidity is $80k and APR on staking WMX is 67%. I think we must know by now that APRs at this level are unsustainable. Unless you are a speculator engaged in arbitrage and are happy to risk your capital by flitting from one staking platform to another to maximize your short term profits then these types of investments should be avoided. They are not for savings and are high risk. 


Alcazar (ALCAZAR)

Price: $0.0055

Market Cap: $5.5m

This is how Alcazar describes themselves on their website, grammatical errors are their own.

‘We are a team of highly experienced and highly motivated cryptocurrency enthusiasts who plan to bring our real world ideas into the crypto world. Alcazar has started as an ERC-20 token and within it’s first week of launch, has registered as a legal company in the United Kingdom to prove it’s legitimacy.

We are building a platform where we will people will be able to try their luck on to win various items. The dApp users will be able to purchase tickets to take part in the raffles/lotteries and win huge prizes.’

The only thing going for this project is their impressive engagement from their followers. There are no named team members on their website, their website doesn't function properly and is badly written. It is one to avoid in my humble opinion.


XEN Crypto (XEN)

Price: $0.00000261

Market Cap: $7.1m

XEN is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. Founded by Jack Levin, creator of ImageShack and Nventify and a former early engineer at Google, XEN is operating with a mission to cultivate a like-minded community of developers through a token with unique tokenomics. That is, the project wants to get back to the original mission of Bitcoin to give people access to a decentralized, self-custodial, and censorship resistant crypto that is fully open source and community-first. Everyone has an equal opportunity to become a XEN minter and holder.

The project is very much dedicated to the idea of decentralization within crypto. This means that owners of XEN are their own custodians. it is also an open-source smart contract that isn’t owned by anyone. Moreover, one of the unique aspects of XEN is the fact that it is a token that is minted for free. All a prospective user needs to do is connect an Ethereum compatible wallet to the XEN smart contract.

With a market cap of only $7m and a talented well respected founder this is a project worth closer attention, although it is of course a long shot. I like the free minting concept, the good liquidity ($8m 24 hour liquidity) and the five exchanges you can trade through. 

My favorites 

My top picks from the community selection are XEN Crypto and Syscoin. I love the free minting concept of XEN and can see potential in this model. The market cap is also reasonable and is led by a respected developer. SYS is also exciting with its concept of merged mining which has massive potential. This could easily be a billion dollar project, in the right market conditions of course!


This report goes to show the market for moonshots is far from dead. If we take a skeptical approach and treat the cryptocurrency market as ultra high risk, only investing risk capital, there are exciting projects to invest in. Saying that, there is also no shortage of total crap. That is why it is imperative you always make your own decisions and don't get swayed by the crowd. As you can see from some of the community selections the crowd is not always well informed.

Here’s to a happy and successful 2023! 

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Not Financial Advice

This report does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to buy in any way. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk, and you could lose 100% of your investment. The report should be treated as supplementary information to add to your existing knowledge base.

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