The Negative Impact Using of Identity Politics

By happyphoenix | happyphoenix | 29 Apr 2019


The 2019 Election campaign event was over but the negative effects were still felt even though the grand event was finished. The negative effects caused by these grand activities are still felt due to the use of identity politics.

The standard definition of identity politics still have not available yet, but broadly this understanding can be described as a series of activities using certain group identities (such as based on ideology, religion and ethnicity) to obtain political support to gain power.

The use of identity politics in the 2019 Indonesia's Election campaign is very obvious, often the problems of religion, ethnicity and race are used to bring down political opponents. Even religious leaders are also drawn to be involved in this identity politics. Political identity is used as a tool by the 2019 Election participants to overthrow their political opponents.

This is because identity politics is quite easy to carry because Indonesian people are still not mature enough to accept the differences around them. It can be said that it is not mature enough because many certain communities in Indonesia still tend to close their mind to accept something new or that is considered not in accordance with the ideology and way of life of the community.

The negative influence of identity politics is very pronounced, which causes the seeds of division between individuals to arise, the cause is trivial, namely because of different political choices. As reported by the BBC Indonesia page in the news titled Politik identitas: Pilpres 2019 ungkap potensi keretakan sosial di masyarakatIdentity(Indentity politics: 2019 Presidential Election revealed the potential for social rifts in the community), it was told that there was a passenger forcibly taken down by online taxi drivers because of the different choice of presidential candidates.

In order to prevent the negative effects of the use of identity politics from being protracted, there is a need for socialization to the community, one of the effort to do this which is through the education by providing moral education to respect differences in the social environment of the community. This moral education should be carried out early on in basic education so that it can provide a positive effect to prevent the use of identity politics in the interests of a handful of irresponsible people or groups.(hpx)

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