The Long Game

By Happy_rouge | Happy_rouge | 30 Apr 2021

Gonna be honest. I am fairly new to crypto and discovering new things every day. Something about crypto has peaked my interest. 

To me cryptocurrency is a lot like the stock market. I have a basic understanding of what the hell is going, have some in-depth knowledge about a couple very specific things, but I am mostly clueless as to why prices go up and down. And yet I am supposed to stash away money in an 401k, that is composed of stocks for the most part, and hope that one day my 401k has enough money in it to allow me to retire. But what if my 401k wasn't invested in stocks? Could I use crypto instead?

Now let me be clear on a couple things. 1) I am not looking to get rich quick in crypto, I am trying to take a more conservative, long run approach.  I am not trying to make $1 million over night. 2) I understand crypto is very different from stocks. 3) I am not putting all my money into crypto for this research and experiment. 4) I am a random guy on the internet. I am not giving financial advice. 

Most of these post will be filled with the research I have dug up on cryptocurrencies and some status updates on what I am invested in and how its doing.  My starting point is simple: A good high yield saving account will offer 0.5% interest and a 401k will have a 3% employer match to 6% invested by me. Meaning if I put in 6% of my salary into the account work will donate the equivalent of 3% of my salary.

Gonna see if there is some crypto out there that can match that.

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Trying to understand the world of crypto and what it takes to play the long game.

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