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By KofiAkimbo | Happiness. | 27 Jul 2023

I remember in high school did you tell us about a simple terminology of many things or things that go into or things that go in one meaning singular. I won't be all about education but I believe that life is all about education reading an article is self-education or even watching a video on YouTube is also education.

Back to the terms , in the life science class don't really recall what the topic was about but it was cells I think  many stuff, two stuff and each.Mono was the first terminology of singular that meant single or something that goes one time and there was di it means 2 and the ways Polly it meant many so this topic is all about doing many many many things at a time and it causes destruction.

The question still remains have you ever fell in love with different things at one time different things means poly to me to make them the term more simple or more understandable the life you can fall in love with bitcoins ethereum sports all those tokens all those hobbies speaking hobbies basketball soccer music art painting one of the list of things I fell in love with that one time and I just lose focus because there's a lot of things and I don't really finish when I start it could could it be wise.

could I be wasting time try to find what's perfect or what can suit me but it's crazy how time is running. And it's not gonna wait for you to decide or for you to grow up but it's up to one man to take one step at a time and finish one task that he or she hasn't been given by lord by himself to.

As I still pray and hope till this day that I focus on di. Thank you for reading this article I hope you comment I like.

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