Weird Eye Moon with Clouds and Treetops


Clouds. Soft fluffy etherial things. The Moon. An old reliable astronomical friend. Trees. Essential things of nature for a healthy environment. 


I thought it was time for a project with these elements, but with a weird twist. So I decided to drag out the old weird eye I have a habit of drawing and use it as a moon replacement.

So, after some scribbling at my drawing desk, with some clicking on the old laptop, I came up with this Mixed Media piece. 


The treetops and clouds are done in digital. For the Wierd Eye Moon, I used a ball point pen, markers, and a felt tip pen. I then enhanced its colors and contrast digitally. 





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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

Sharing my mixed media art and writing about various things connected to each piece.

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