Things in life have a tendency to go wrong sometimes. Dishes are dropped. People's hearts are broken. Cars breakdown. Loved ones pass away.

I created a rough ball point pen and pencil outline of this piece back in 2013, the year my wife passed away. The drawing ended up stowed away as a "therapeutic exercise" in expressing my grief. Eventually, it got lost in the shuffle of time and things.

While cleaning my house, I ran across this drawing the other day. Things have definitely changed since then. On the plus side, I've been able to listen to a tune from "The Beatles", without turning on the water works. They were always on my late wife's playlist while she worked online or drove her car.

Though, on things that haven't changed much, I still get misty eyed when I hear the song we first danced to, Leo Sayer's "When I Need You".....

Anyway, I decide to continue working on this "Therapeutic Drawing". To not only express my feelings of loss on that March day, but also to get a chance to pick up some pieces of a shattered dream.

So, after digitally enhancing the outline and adding some digital color and paint, I finally call this Mixed Media piece finished. 


The cleaning and purging through my late wife's things will continue. And one day, I might finally accomplish that one over due task of spreading her ashes. Preferably, somewhere I can sit, listen to a few Beatles tunes and do some reminiscing. 

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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

Sharing my mixed media art and writing about various things connected to each piece.

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