Introduction to Understanding Syntropy's Data Layer

By Heritier Mawandu | Hamba | 12 Aug 2023

The Syntropy Data Availability Layer represents the best application of our routing protocol. The team developing the project is known for its speed, accuracy, and reliability. And it showed in the DARP layout. The latter is considered the core of the data availability layer. This will provide real-time data feeds on the channel as quickly as possible.

Transparency and understanding are essential in any decentralized system. that's why Syntropy prioritizes community empowerment. And in the Data Availability Layer, the community can expect several significant rollouts and enhancements, providing a more comprehensive look at the Data Layer experience from every angle.

Syntropy, working to reduce and remove reliance on RPC nodes and APIs shortly, instead introducing a completely decentralized approach to interacting with the blockchain. This transition paves the way for the creation of a new generation of scalable applications. After our years around the blockchain ecosystem, the Syntropy team has come to identify a significant gap in the market when it comes to RPC and API nodes. The solution proposed by Syntropy attempts to fill this gap.

All of this is expected to be implemented through the under-development construction of the Syntropy Chain as an application-specific blockchain designated to serve as the basis for authorization, authentication, and accounting operations. Every transaction and function within this equipment requires the NOIA token as a medium of exchange. Unlike before, the NOIA token is built natively in this protocol, making it a must-have asset in the Web3 space.

Due to the complexity of this protocol, the main focus of Syntropy has been divided into three key pillars according to the roadmap:

Pillar I: Real-Time On-Chain Data Feed
Pillar II: Historical On-Chain Data Streams
Pillar III: Data Availability Layer

These three pillars will be examined and explained one by one in our upcoming Syntropy blog posts and to learn more, be sure to visit the Syntropy website directly.

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