Mine OG community Token (OGC)

By Ladyhal | LadyHal | 18 May 2024

Hi guys, Trust you are 😎 🆒️ 

Today I'm bring to you OGC token.

The OGC token has a total supply of 1Billion OGC for the grab.

566,433,305 OGC tokens has been mined already.

What are you waiting for join now and mine OGC  on your broswer or on the OGC app.

Hi OG! Join the most influential community in gaming. Grab OGC tokens every day for free and win draw for simple actions: 👇 https://app.ogcom.xyz/invite/BqJcZGgiqsa5IOYl

OGC is partnering with all the Telegram gaming apps and exchanges like OKX, MEXC, Bitget, BingX, Gate.IO e.t.c.





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