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How to play DungeonSwap when BSC network congested?

By GameFiH2 | h2crypto | 26 Nov 2021

Per our observation, the BSC network congestion is a challenge to all GameFi projects and we need to overcome it. Before BSC resolves the problem, this article can give you some ideas on how to play DungeonSwap when congestion happens.

We suggest our users play DungeonSwap by using a laptop so that you can check on transactions more easily. Follow the guide below to see how we make sure our transactions are working and know to fix it when the problem occurs.

1. Have a laptop, open a browser with MetaMask plugin installed.

2. After you click on Attack/Special Attack/Escape button, the control panel will become unaccessible but this doesn't mean your transaction already be sent.


3. You need to make sure MetaMask prompt window is opened so that you can click on the "Confirm" button inside. If MetaMask prompt is not displayed, please refresh your page and back to step (1).


4. The transaction may drop during following process, you can make sure it's ongoing by check MetaMask. If it displays "Contract Interaction - Pending", let's wait a bit for it to finish.


5. If it doesn't displays a new "Contract Interaction" record, please go back to step (1) to try again.  

6. When the transaction is completed, you should see the successful "Contract Interaction" on MetaMask Activity. And it should bring up the battle result as following:


7. Because of BSC network slowness, it sometime cause states disorder - the next level of Dungeon might not be the one you expect. Please refresh page when you think there is a problem of level mis-match.  

8. Reminder: Anytime inside the dungeon, when you see the Oxygen Meter remains no more than 50%, we highly recommend you to cast gas magic to save current status. MetaMask should display "Contract Interaction - Pending" when working on it. 29c809538329d359337e5c7efcd65f6b478539d4f0f044816012a315673e0d0c.png  

9. After casting gas magic, the Oxygen Meter will said "You now have unlimited oxygen". Now you can lean back and think your next move.  


10. Continue to step (1) and do the iteration of play.  

This article is not something which can fix BSC problem, but still hope it could help you play DungeonSwap in bad network situation. Please stay with us through this tough time and we will try our best to make things work out.  

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My GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions and what could be achieved in the promising future metaverse.


A GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions, and what could be achieved in the future metaverse.

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