SCAM Cloudminer but LEGIT kind of a Faucet (Edited)

SCAM Cloudminer but LEGIT kind of a Faucet (Edited)


I'm going to talk about a very specific site which is both a cloudminer scam (like all cloudminers it seems to me) but at the same time kind of a faucet that pays immediately.


As with all the cryptocurrency sites I use, I checked the net to see if it is a scam, and the results are surprising, the rating is average. So not completely a scam? Actually yes, but since they actually pay for the free version, some give it a good rating.


So what is it all about?


A cloudminer that just asks for a Litecoin address, and that simulates a mining that would yield 0.001 LTC in its free version.

But this free version does not allow you to withdraw more than 0.0001 LTC per day, which encourages you to pay for a version that would allow you to mine more and without a withdrawal limit. As you can see, we then enter the Scam and lose our deposit. (Ponzi scheme).


Anyway if, like me, you want to easily recover 10,000 (EDIT: now it's 5500) litoshis per day in 1 minute and have fun trading small amounts on a site like SouthXchange where there are plenty of possible altcoins, it's risk-free as long as you stay on the free version.


I don't give a referral link for this one, it's LTCMINER


I show my screenshots of daily withdrawals and their arrival on SouthXchange.





It's very little money, but there are few ways to earn this kind of amount and be able to use it immediately to practice trading for real.


You can look at my other posts on ways to earn some more.

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